Nylone Tyre

Onecom offers a wide choice of nylon tire cords manufactured using high tenacity continuous filament yarns. Deploying internationally benchmarked processes and high quality stabilizers and additives, these cords are made exceptionally robust, delivering unmatched strength to tires. The clear advantages enabled by nylon tire cords have made them almost entirely replace rayon and polyester ones.

With world-class machinery for single-step yarn making, shuttle less looms, dipping machines and in-house built direct cabler for twisting, Madura manufacture nylon tyrecord and polyester yarn and tyrecord for all kinds of automotive tiers. We supplies tyre cord fabrics to most of the major tyre companies in India and abroad. The company boasts of having state-of-the-art manufacturing and technological capability.

Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 Greige & Dipped Fabric

Standard Construction type/specification: 840/2, 1260/2, 1260/3, 1680/2, 1890/2 Denier construction. Specifications as desired by the customers.

Applications: For reinforcement of all categories of tires from medium and heavy commercial vehicles to two-wheeler tires.

Polyester Tier Cord Fabric

Standard Construction type/specification: 1000/2,1000/3,1500.2 Denier. Specifications as per customer requirement

Applications: For reinforcement of all of passenger and light commercial radial tires.

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